We offer services to make your concept into working product. The range of services include front end design and verification, back end implementation, DFT including analog design and layout, platform engineering and Embedded firmware support.

Front End Silicon Engineering

Our Silicon Engineering vertical provides design services and solutions in the areas of RTL/FPGA Design, Verification/Validation, Design for Test and Analog Mixed-Signal. The team comes with expertize in RTL design of complex digital and analog systems, high level spec and microarchitecture development, performance analysis and assertion based RTL coding to assist formal verification.

In front end verification, the team focuses on state-of-art verification methodologies. The expertize in FORMAL verification, functional verification with focus on SOC and IP verification. The IP expertize in PCIE, Ethernet, ARM based Subsystems and other peripherals is aimed to close the verification on time with high quality. At SOC level, teams have experience in closing the verification to support tape-out.

Platform Engineering

We offer a range of services under Platform Engineering including Base Software, Embedded Systems, Libraries and Applications and Validation Services. Our goal is to create a robust and efficient platform that supports the specific requirements and constraints of the embedded system's application.

Our area of expertize inclide Boot Loader, BSP, OAL/HAL porting, Media framework and OpenGL integration, Bare metal programming. In the OS and middleware we support Linux Yocto, FreeRTOS, Android and more. Linux kernel, middle development optimization and android customization.
We have the experize to carry out platform validation, BSP validation, driver validation, compliance testing, power and performance testing, reliability validation, fiend testing and interoperability, OEM/ODM certification.

Back End Silicon Engineering

Physical Design

We at Lyptus, understand and deliver physical designs that are manufacturable, meet performance goals, and are optimized for a particular process technology.

Our experienced leaders along with the skilled engineers are specialized in diverse domains and provide Physical Design services from Estimation, Synthesis, Floor Planning, Place & Route, Static timing analysis, Reliability, methodologies and GDSII Release.

Our specialized team is well versed with EDA tools such as Synopsys, Cadence, Siemens/Mentor, Ansys and have worked on advanced technology nodes like 3nm, 5nm, 7nm, 10 nm. The team, along with their foundry experience align the physical design with the foundry's capabilities, design rules, and constraints.


For a highly specialized field such as FPGA, we have an expert team and resources that will deliver high quality results for your application. Lyptus"s Team in FPGA design has hands on experience in FPGA design, FPGA Verification & Analysis, FPGA Board Bring up and System Validation and ASIC prototyping on FPGA.


Embedded Firmware

We offer end to end support for firmware development from Product functional firmware, Board support Package (BSP), Algorithms Creation to name a few.

Our dedicated and proficient team has vast experience working across the Hardware Architecture Platforms (RISC-V, ARM, Intel, AMD, MIPS, ATMega, MC51, SuperH, Xtensa) and Real Time Operating Systems.

We help you ensure that organizations bring their embedded systems to market more efficiently and with greater reliability, thus giving you a competitive advantage